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We're super happy to finally announce our new masterpiece today: skulpter 500 - the Sound Shaping Preamp!

Everybody at elysia is 100% sure you'll love this one. Basically, it's everything you'll ever need in front of your DAW...

The skulpter 500 is going to be released in May, and here is what makes it way more than just another preamp:

• 100% Discrete Class-A Topology
�  Pristine audio path and signal processing.

• Audiophile Gain Staging
  Single resistors controlled by a relays cascade.

• Dual Sound Shaper
  Mojo machine with filters and harmonics.

• Intelligent Onboard Dynamics
  Smart controlled musical compression.

• Variable Low Cut Filter� 
  Flexible low frequency clean up.

• Balanced DI
  Instrument input with massive headroom.

• Multifunction Meter
  Level, gain, compression and clipping.

• Stepped Controllers
  Exact and repeatable settings.

More info: Soon! We'll show it at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt for the very first time: Hall 4.1 C12. We're looking forward to seeing you ;-)

개인적으로 엘리시아의 팬입니다
엘리시아의 500모듈을 쓰는데요
이번에 프리엠프도 기대가 큽니다^^


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참치 2018.04.16 19:49
오오오오~!!! 갖고싶습니다!
액션기타 2018.04.17 18:11
저도 너무 갖고 싶습니다^^
영한 2018.04.16 20:47
액션기타 2018.04.17 18:12
정말 와우~~입니다^^
제이드 2018.04.17 00:52
액션기타 2018.04.17 18:13
Dreamhill 2018.04.17 00:54
액션기타 2018.04.17 18:13
엘리시아 정말 좋아합니다^^
발톱빠진낙타... 2018.04.17 09:14
저도 500시리즈로 컴프하고 이큐 가지고 있는데요. 기대됩니다. 가격은 얼마나 할지 궁금하네요.
액션기타 2018.04.17 18:16
저도 컴프 이큐 다이나믹프로세서 세츄레이션 까지 소장하는데요
마스터링으로도 사용할수 있을 정도로 정교하고 정확합니다^^
5월에 나온다고 하네요^^
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